Smart Traffic Light

Key Features

  • Fixed time control
  • Traffic-actuated control
  • Dynamic Timing Optimization.
  • Dynamic Coordination.
  • Stage based controller.
  • Real time dynamic operation
  • IP-based communication architecture (Local Mesh network)
  • GPS time synchronization
  • Wired communication, e.g. twisted-pair or fiber-optic
  • Wireless communication, e.g. 3G, LTE or WIFI
  • SMS alerts

Smart Street Light

Wireless remote monitoring and control for street lighting makes financial sense, with remote control, you can save energy by only using the precise amount of light you need and by accurately measuring every watt used. You can cut maintenance costs with real-time fault monitoring and by using detailed operational intelligence to improve day-to-day effectiveness and planning.  Smart Street Light System outdoor lighting control system using long-range low-power radio system design for easiest deployment.

What’s more,  Smart Street System is at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling you to add smart city sensors and CCTV system to your streetlights.

Smart Street Light System Nodes are designed to control on/Off and dimming of the lamp, to measure the voltage and ampere. It uses Mesh wireless Network which is more suitable for city deployment.


This internal mounting provides maximum weather protection over the wireless node.